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Delightful Daum

Who are Daum? 

Founded at the start of the Art Nouveau period in Nancy, France, Daum commenced by creating designs inspired by the artistic movement. The beauty of their pieces saw Daum rise to prominence, achieving a Grand Prix medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

Traditional glass artisans take clear glass and add colour to achieve the effect that they are seeking - thereby controlling the whole process. By using the pâte de verre (glass or crystal paste) method the control is taken out of the workers hands. This pate de verre technique was common under the Pharaohs of Egypt and was revived by Daum. They remain the only crystal manufacturer to use this method.

Since the founding of the company in 1878 by Jean Daum, they have worked with the finest glass and crystal artisans. Their unique use of the Crystal Paste process produces pieces that are the epitome of style and elegance.

The first part of the process involves taking the design and drawings and converting them into clay model. It is at this point that the volume and size of the piece is finalized. The fine details, expressions and textures are also worked into the clay.  Once complete, the design is inverted to create a wax cast. Daum, like many other sculptors, employ the ‘lost wax technique’, to recreate a perfect reproduction in plaster. Here Daum’s individual artistry of each piece is created. The voids of the plaster reproduction are filled with pieces of crystal in different sizes and colour tones. The creation is then fired, allowing the crystal pieces fuse, creating the colour and softness that Daum is known and admired for. After firing, the mould is cooled, and the plaster carefully broken away to reveal the delicate crystal piece underneath. One small slip at this point can be disastrous! Only when the artisan is happy with the final piece is the Daum signature added. Use of the Crystal Paste method produces creations that are unrivaled for brilliance and intensity of colour.

At Maison & Objet 2024 Daum unveiled the Maya and Camelia collections. The Maya collection is a stunning compilation of sculptures which takes inspiration from the colours of the Caribbean and the Riveria, bringing the underwater world to life in air and crystal.

The Camelia collection draws on all the experience and expertise of the Daum artisans to recreate and enhance the natural beauty of camelia flowers. A new colour has been added to this beautiful range, with soft white adding to the dusty pinks and rich purples of the original collection.


If you are interested in purchasing or stocking Daum, please get in touch with the team. 

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