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Perfect Pratesi



Each set of Pratesi is woven with love; this is as true now as it was with the very first set.


Remigio Pratesi had fallen in love with a local woman and wishing to marry her, he commissioned a set of handwoven linens. This exquisite set took two years to make, but it was worth it, not only did they marry but the foundations of the House of Pratesi was forged in lace and embroidery.

Time cannot hurry Pratesi products. Each piece is woven using rare, extra-long staple Egyptian Cotton.   To ensure that the base fabric is as soft as possible, but also has all the required properties of a Pratesi linen (exceptional drape and a hint of shine), the percale is worked (without chemicals) to open up the fibres- to release their inner beauty and softness.

The care that was taken in 1896 is still taken today. The linen is woven at the finest Italian mills, taking advantage of their understanding of the fabric and their institutional knowledge of linen and weaving. All the cutting is done by hand. This controls the process and ensure that only the cutting is done by the best cutting ateliers but the process has only just started. The needlework needs to be completed. Many garments have a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ side- an underneath that isn’t designed to be seen. It might have a different finish to the fabric or a visible seam edge. Pratesi use French seams- seams which are perfect both sides. Bath mats and robe collars are all double- faced. There is not ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side with Pratesi- both are perfect.

This incredible attention to detail and the focus that is applied to each item is incredible. A master artisan working on the embroidery for  a flat sheet, will only do three sheets a day. To achieve the most luxurious linens in the world, you cannot be rushed.

In recent years Pratesi have turned their hands to Bath linens and table linens. Their attention to detail continues. Sharp corners, fastidious embroidered stripes all with the Patesi logo embroidered in the corner.

It is not surprising that over the years, Pratesi has built up quite a collection of fans. Coco Chanel appointed Pratesi to create a collection for her Paris home in 1927. The Tre Righe collection was born. The three sharp, crisp lines are still as popular, nearly 100 years later. This collection is available in variety of bedding sizes and different coloured embroidered stripes.

New Collections include the spectacular Marrakesh! The curved motif is inspired by the Byzantine and Islamic architecture of North Africa. Available to be personalize as required. Pratesi also offer personalization. If you are interested - please get in touch.

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