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Haviland: Reves du Nil


Haviland remains the one and only porcelain maker to assure that 100% of its production is made in Limoges from production to decoration.

Men and women working in the Haviland Manufacture become real storytellers by shaping the porcelain and mastering the firing process.

Their artfully designed shapes are real feast for the eyes. Before receiving the prestigious Haviland Limoges trademark, the porcelain has to undergo the firing process, with a temperature reaching above 1400°C.

Then, the enamelling gives each piece its exceptional brilliance and its translucent aspect. Finally, magicians of gold and colour turn the imagination of the greatest artists into reality, with this unique ‘savoir-faire’ owned by them only.


Click on the images below to view and download the current catalogues by this brand.

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