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There is no doubt that art is the underlying theme of Daum’s inimitable collections over the years. Ever since 1878, Daum has called on the world’s greatest and most prestigious artists. Artists including Salvador Dali, Arman, César, Dan Dailey, André Deluol, Lalanne, Paloma Picasso, Roland Topor, and Manolo Valdès gave full reign to their imagination and talent, expressing themselves in total freedom through the exclusive medium of crystal.

Today, Daum, the most artistic of luxury brands, takes a more dazzling place than ever among current trends, and, most strikingly, that of contemporary art.

Like a Marco Polo of art, the company has taken on the mission of offering precious, rare and colourful pieces to collectors throughout the world. A return to its roots that places the Nancy glassworks at the heart of its founding values, where uncompromising artistic standards are the keyword.


Click on the images below to view and download the current catalogues by this brand.

Daum January 2024 catalogue - images of blue and green sculptures
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