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886 by The Royal Mint

886 by The Royal Mint is a luxury lifestyle brand from The Royal Mint that celebrates the intrinsic value of precious metal and champions traditional British craftsmanship.

Launched in 2022, the contemporary fine jewellery and homeware collections are overseen by the award-winning British designer and Creative Director Dominic Jones and crafted from solid precious metals, inspired by the specialist skills of Britain’s oldest maker, founded in 886, and designed to be owned generationally.

“I want to create jewellery as a wearable asset. Beautiful pieces that retain their value for generations” Dominic Jones.

A discreetly luxurious collection championing minimalistic, genderless design each piece demonstrates the superior 1,100 years of craftsmanship of The Royal Mint through a satisfying weight, remarkable durability, and superior lustre.

Using only responsibly sourced precious metals, 886 is the only luxury jewellery brand to use100% recovered gold sourced from e-waste in its products - a world leading innovation – and a traceable, sustainable silver, uniquely recovered from medical x-ray film.

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