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Ginori 1735: Babele

Ginori 1735

The Richard Ginori manufactory was born through the creative courage of Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori, who in 1735 decided to believe in the Doccia area and its potential.

The experimental character that distinguished the start of production and the marquis’ unflagging commitment made it possible to achieve “the highest level of perfection in ceramics”; pure porcelain.

Ginori’s production has thus come down through the centuries and today, 270 years later, it still symbolises the very finest quality.

This is a place where knowledge, work, people, creativity and beauty converge. A place where the imagination finds form, a place protected by time, a repository of craftsmanship and know-how, where study and research, workshop and laboratory, industry and factory, are the free expression of production, unique the world over.


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