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Loet Vanderveen: Running Cheetahs

Loet Vanderveen

“To capture the soul of the man, one must look into his eyes. To capture the eyes of the Beast, one must look into nature’s soul.”

Since Man’s primordial existence, he has conveyed an abstract desire to portray his idealistic virtues in the animal form. His inclination has been to emulate the instinctive power and elegance of nature’s assembly. It is the innate elegance of nature that the sculpture strives to reproduce. Using a medium of cast and patinated bronze, Loet Vanderveen is able to seize the celebration of the animal’s form and beauty.

Living in a remote area where there was an abundance of wildlife, coupled with his love for animals, prompted Loet to create ceramic animal forms. Striving for a more sophisticated and graceful image, he ventured into designing animals in bronze.


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Loet Vandervenn Catalogue
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