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Brand spotlight; Forge De Laguiole 

Why would you purchase Forge De Laguiole knives from Lewis Wark? Simply, they are the best.  

There are some parts of the world which are linked completely with an item they make. Stilton cheese from Stilton, watches and cuckoo clocks from Switzerland and of course knives from Laguiole, France. While knives from the Aveyron region of France might not be the best known, they certainly are the best quality.  

Forge De Laguiole has taken centuries of knowledge and experience to ensure that their knives and cutlery remain some of the finest in the world. The 40 individual steps taken to produce just the blade is a testimony to their devotion to the craft. For example, to ensure the quality of the wooden handles, the boxwood is dried in house for 4 years before it is carved for the handle.  

 While they keep to the classic and traditional knife shapes, such as, double ferrule and clog, the classic woods for the handles, such as, juniper, rosewood and ebony, they are also embracing modern materials and styles - such as multicoloured acrylic. The elegance of the design is apparent in every collection, every curve of the blade. While many table knives are blunt, Forge De Laguiole knives have a sharpened edge – they cut like a hot knife through butter!  

From classic styles of cutlery canteens to more bright modern designs, and stylish carving sets, there is something within Forge De Laguiole collections for every establishment and customer. If you would like more information about stocking or ordering Forge De Laguiole knives, please get in touch.  

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