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Heavenly Haviland

Limoges, France is steeped in history and is renowned for it’s porcelain. Maison Haviland is no exception to this and since 1842 the name of Haviland has been forever tied to luxury French porcelain.

Tables of the finest restaurants but also Royal and Presidential Palaces have used the exquisite Maison Haviland items. Cesar Ritz in 1898 ordered the Marthe Collection for the opening of the Ritz in Paris. This reissued pattern uses the institutional colour of the Ritz accented with touches of gold.

The gold work that graces Haviland porcelain demands the highest standard of artistry. It is applied by hand with exceptional attention to detail. Haviland has stayed true to its roots and all pieces are entirely produced in France; from the design, to manufacturing and firing to the final decorations- all based in Limoges. To ensure quality Maison Haviland have their own Chromolithography printing atelier.

A new collection has launched- the Rêves du Nil is now available with gold and platinum highlights. The geometric lines combined with blues tones highlighted with platinum or gold brings a charm and aura of refinement.  Haviland has always prided themselves on being at the forefront of design and technology. The Rêves du Nil collection is no exception  - the collection has the unique gold QR code under the plates, sharing the 180 years of history of Haviland. The gilding (for the first time) is able to withstand modern life and modern demands- the plates can go in the dishwasher!


While Maison Haviland is known for dinner services- they offer so much more. They have collaborated with outstanding silversmiths to create a silver collection – from Silver and Walnut Candelabra to candlesticks and serving trays. The loving detail that Maison Haviland has focused on the porcelain is also reflected in the silver collections.

While attention to detail and design is critical to Maison Haviland, the dedication to their customers is also key- they are pleased to announce that they are now offering deliveries in 8 weeks, often sooner!


For more information please get in touch with the team.

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